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It's a party & you're invited!

Get Lunch!

We are now offering catered lunch at our Wine Club parties.  This month is Awesome Catering with Awesome Nachos.  Crispy tortilla chips loaded with homemade queso, served with toppings like: Ground beef, Pulled chicken, pico de Gallo, jalapenos, roasted corn, black beans, spicy salsa or avocado sauce.  Be sure to pre-purchase your meal by clicking on the date below to guarantee your lunch - we don't want to sell out and leave you hungry!

Choose your lunch by clicking on the date.   Oct. 6.

Great Prizes! 

When you attend the Wine Club member party, sign up to be entered for fantastic prizes.  This month's Wine Club Party prize will be announced soon. To enter to win, you must attend and register at either Wine Cub member party.  One prize per party, must be present to win.

Try Wine!

As always, when you arrive at the Wine Club party enjoy a complimentary tasting or glass of wine, including new releases.

Stock Up and Save!

Take an additional 10% off your Wine Club membership discount on wine sales while attending the Wine Club Member party.  Enthusiasts will be 25%, Entertainers 30% and Aficionados will be 35% during the Wine Club Member party.  A great time to stock your cellar!

Live Music!

Relax with a glass or two of wine while you enjoy live acoustic music from local artists.  

See you at the party!  ~ Cheers ~

Wine Club Member parties span two Sundays. Come to one or the other.  Enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or a complimentary enhanced wine tasting.  If you want both, it’s just an additional $5.   Try all wines that are included in all Wine Club categories.  As always, our Wine Club Members are the first to try new wines!  

Stay connected!  Be sure you are a member of the Lost Oak Wine Club Member Facebook Group!