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Adopt-a-Row at Lost Oak Winery is an opportunity to support your local winery, learn more about the agricultural aspect of winemaking, and leave your mark! For $100, you will receive a personalized plaque on a row of your choice (as available). You will receive the following as  thanks for your support:

After the first year, adoptions can be renewed for $75 annually for as long as you wish to participate. If you wish to discontinue your adoption, you are free to take your personalized plaque or we can keep it and put it up on the production facility wall to commemorate those who have supported the winery. The one year adoption period will begin in July (August for the year 2020) and end on July 31 st of the following year. This allows time for your personalized plaque to be designed and put up before Harvest Fiesta. Your adoption will auto-renew unless you call us to cancel.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions. Thank you for your continued support of Lost Oak Winery and we hope to continue growing grapes and making wine for years to come.

Receiving your Adoption Certificate and free bottle of wine

Your certificate can be picked up at the winery. Additionally, we can mail it to the buyer or gift recipient in a sturdy, cardboard mailer for an additional fee. You can claim your bottle of wine when the most recent vintage is released. Alternatively, you may choose a prior vintage that is in stock if the new vintage will not be available for a while. If we do not anticipate a wine of that varietal within the year, you may choose another bottle of wine at an equal or lesser value instead. Every year, you will be invited to an Adopt-a-Row exclusive event where you can have your picture taken with your row, be presented with your certificate of adoption, and participate in a sunset tour of the winery.

We will bill you for your Adopt-a-Row on September 1st.

Business owners and representatives. Interested in sponsoring a row?

Have your business name and logo on a plaque and be featured during our Harvest Fiesta*, contact us at for more information!

*Harvest Fiesta 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19.