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Angela Chapman
March 4, 2019 | Angela Chapman

A Look at Bottling

We have been hard at work bottling lots of new wines for you to enjoy in the coming year!  But, as with most things at a winery, bottling is not as easy as it sounds. As a boutique winery with smaller production we do not have our own bottling line. This means that when it’s time to bottle our wine we call on Vine and Spirit. Vine and Spirit is a mobile bottling service that pulls up right next to our production facility. The semi truck hauls the entire bottling line in its trailer. It’s a tight fit in there but it works wonderfully. Once the truck is set up we hook it up to our wine tank where a pump pushes the wine through a final filtration before being put into bottles that are then corked, capsuled, and labeled. The machine does most of the work, but unfortunately it doesn’t do everything. We still rely on staff and our fearless hardcore volunteers do the heavy lifting and quality control.  Get empty bottles onto the line, box and palletize full bottles, check labels and capsule placement… and taste the wine, you know, quality control. It’s not an easy job, so cheers to all our volunteers, staff and to the hard workers at Vine and Spirit that help make bottling go smoothly.
- The Lost Oak Family
Angela Chapman, WSET III
Featured in the Lost Oak Winery Newsletter
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Jan/Feb 2018





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