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Lost Oak Winery Editorial Team
August 28, 2022 | Lost Oak Winery Editorial Team

Blog Entry - Employee Spotlight: Madeline Rosales

1. What are you drinking when you aren't drinking wine?

Tequila soda or gin and tonic

2. When you aren’t at the winery, where are you?

School or in the pool

3. What have you binge-watched on Netflix?

Never have I ever and Gilmore girls

4. What is your favorite food?


5. What prior experience helps you in the job you do at Lost Oak Winery?

I worked on a beverage cart at a golf course which helped me learn time management and customer service skills that help me at the winery

6. How long have you been working in your area of expertise?

1 year

7. Tell me about one of the funniest things that has happened to you in this job.

I work at the event center and it’s always fun to be there for people's meaningful moments but on the less glamorous side sometimes the caterers will leave all the food and if the guests don’t take it we have to throw it out. One time there was a huge tray of beans we had to take on the golf cart to throw away and they spilled all over my coworkers. We were all laughing so hard covered in beans at 1 in the morning. One of my coworkers says she’ll never eat beans again.


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