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Kelsey Shoemaker
August 31, 2021 | Kelsey Shoemaker


As the Delta case counts are increasing in our community, we have adjusted our policies regarding COVID.  

  • All staff and guests are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask when in the tasting room or with groups of individuals whose vaccine status is unknown.
  • All staff members are encouraged, but not required, to acquire the COVID vaccine.  Lost Oak has offered paid time away from work to get vaccinated. 
  • Lost Oak Winery staff will continue to maintain all cleaning protocols, as outlined previously, to keep staff and guests safe.
  • Through this blog and other mainstream media, all staff and hopefully our guests, understand the inherent risks associated with not being vaccinated against COVID 19.

Much information has recently been published regarding the safety and efficacy of the current vaccines.  Below are several well-written articles which better explain how these vaccines are safe to use. 

  1. This well-written article by UT Southwestern Medical Center describes how vaccines are a one-and-done treatment that gets eliminated quickly, thus eliminating potential side effects.  Also, all  post-vaccine side effects are being carefully monitored through the  V-safe After Vaccination Health Checker, which is the most extensive long-term monitoring database ever created.  
  2. explains in this article how virologists have determined that the proteins in the vaccine are in no way able to cause infertility.

This article from the CDC explains the severity of the Delta variant compared to the early form of the COVID-19 virus.  The newer variant not only causes more infections and spreads faster than previously, but also appears to cause more severe illness in unvaccinated people.  

At the time of this writing, Johnson County, Texas is experiencing an increase in COVID infection and hospitalization rates similar to those of early spring, 2020.  This dashboard from the State of Texas Health and Human Services reflects the severity of the current outbreak.


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