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Mariam Copeland
March 4, 2019 | Mariam Copeland

Emerson Update

For those of you who have purchased Sweet Emerson wine, we THANK YOU!
Here is an update on baby Emerson, the daughter of Aly Lockhart and niece of our Winemaker Jim Evans.  She is eight months old and doing so well!  She has a very long road of hospital stays behind her, and a long road ahead of her, but we could not be more overjoyed to tell you news is good!

Emerson is now five months post-heart surgery. She has routine checks at her cardiologist, gastroenterologist, and nutritionist in Dallas and they are all very happy with her progress. She has one of the best post-surgical outcomes with her type of heart defect and is right on track to have her next heart surgery between the ages of 2 and 3. One in one hundred children are born with some form of heart defect or malformation, and her particular defects required her to have both a heart surgery and stomach surgery at the age of three months.

Having spent so much time in the hospital at such an early age, her oral development has been very slow. She receives most of her nutrition and medications from a feeding tube connected to her stomach. However, she continues to reach milestones and is working very hard at becoming more independent of the feeding tube, relying more on eating solid food and receiving some medicines by mouth. She has spent the last three months wearing a helmet to correct plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome, as a direct result of her lying on her back in the hospital. As much as she hates to wear it, the helmet is easily decorated with bows and has been the perfect accessory to every outfit she wears.

Her personality flourishes and she is such a bright light in this world.

For every bottle of Emerson wine purchased, Lost Oak will donate $5 to the GoFundMe account for Emerson's ever-growing medical expenses.

Please help give little Emerson the start in life she needs.

Thank you for your generosity.

- The Lost Oak Family



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