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Lost Oak Winery Editorial Team
October 25, 2022 | Lost Oak Winery Editorial Team

Lost Oak Harvest 2022

Lost Oak Harvest 2022

The Lost Oak winemaking team has confronted many challenges this season.  Starting with a harsh winter followed by an unprecedented drought and deadly heatwave, vineyards across the state produced fewer tons of grapes than in recent memory.   Undaunted by unfavorable conditions, Head Winemaker, Jim Evans and  Assistant Winemaker Angela Chapman did not let this slow their stride.


To think a harvest and production plan will go smoothly from beginning to end is quite the dream. The team has had to be quick on its feet while adjusting to new standards and outperforming themselves from last year. Grape orders arrive day or night with only a few hours notice so the team must always be ready.  Critical equipment may be lagging or break entirely jeopardizing harvest.   However, the show must go on.  Grapes, in various stages of fermentation, cannot be left sitting for too long.


The production team would not be what it is without its interns and volunteers. Fueled by a love of wine and Lost Oak, in particular, harvest could not happen without all of the help from our interns and volunteers.   We appreciate all of our volunteers and are always ready to include new faces in our crew. If you would like to be a part of the behind the scenes there are always opportunities to help the production team. 

Pressing Foward

Despite the setbacks, the small but mighty team has managed to move over 100 tons of grapes and keep the logistics flowing. If you visit during harvest, you might get lucky and see the team in action.  For a closer look behind the scenes, book one of our Tour and Tasting Experiences when planning your next visit to Lost Oak Winery. Take the time to savor that bottle of wine because a lot of hard work goes into every drop. Despite the setbacks that come with each harvest season, our experienced team produces the best Texas wine around.  As Jim Evans says, the best wine is made in the vineyard.  You can make bad wine from good grapes, you can make good wine from good grapes, but you cannot make good wine from bad grapes.  The proof is in the tasting and with numerous awards this year alone, Lost Oak is on the path to adding even more from the prestigious California wine competitions coming this fall. 

The product speaks for itself however, no one is prouder than the founder himself Gene Estes.

"I just want to let everyone know that in all of my years in the Texas wine industry, I've never witnessed a more devoted, hard working wine making team than Lost Oak Winery's current one.  The emphasis on quality (cleanliness, chemical accuracy, color, fragrance), and timing is unsurpassed.  They have produced 56.27 tons since July the 12th. and are anxiously awaiting the remaining 93 tons.  I have watched with pride as our lady winemakers have stood waste up inside the bladder press with a high pressure hose cleaning every centimeter of grape skins and pulp which are saturating their hair and clothes.  I have watched Jim and Angela deal with equipment failures by sacrificing their own family and working schedules to stay until the wee hours of the morning in order to minimize the time that the grapes wait to be crushed or pressed. Please join me in celebrating them."


-Gene Estes (Lost Oak Winery, Founder)



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