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Angela Chapman
March 4, 2019 | Angela Chapman

The Holidays: Impress with Food & Wine

Holiday food preparations can be daunting even to the most seasoned of home chefs.

Should I put cranberries in the stuffing this year? Would anyone notice if I made box mashed potatoes? Is macaroni and cheese an acceptable side dish? I think aunt Carol is gluten free now, how do I even make a gluten free pie?


Once you get all that settled you are STILL NOT FINISHED, you have drinks to think about!
And, if your family is anything like ours, wine will be involved.



A good hostess always has the perfect wine parings to complement their lovingly crafted food. After all, you didn’t just spend the week leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas fretting over which gravy is the best to serve to simply ignore wine parings, right?



Worry not, the Lost Oak Family is here to help! Here are some tips from our little family:

From Gene: Stock up on Lost Oak Wine and have a lot of verity, your friends and family will find the pairing that they like the most.





From Judy: It’s about the presentation!  Bring out fancy glasses and serve red and white Lost Oak Wine to make the place settings pop.





From Roxanne: If you are going to someone else’s house, be sure to bring a bottle or two of your favorite Lost Oak Wine. It makes a great hostess gift and you are guaranteed to have something you like to drink.



From Angela: A lighter red, like our Montepulciano, is a great compliment to both turkey and ham, but you can never go wrong with our Sauvignon Blanc either. The subtle flavor won’t overpower the turkey and the citrus notes can stands up to the fats in the ham. For those with a little bit more of a sweet tooth, go for the Orange Muscat. The slight orange zest flavor will complement everything form the Turkey to that strange Jell-O thing with the fruit that Aunt Carol always insists on bringing.



From Mariam: I’m serving a bottle of everything Lost Oak – red, white, sweet, dry, bubbly.  But back off that extra bottle of Cabernet… is mine.  I need it to make it through the day!





From Jim: Get two bottles of every Lost Oak red!  Drink one now, then drink one a year from now to compare how the flavors evolved.  You won't be sorry!




From Our table to yours, Cheers!






by Angela Chapman & Mariam Copeland





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